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Top 5 Restaurants to Try in Parnell

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20th Feb 2023

1. Oh Calcutta

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Oh Calcutta is a well-established favourite in Auckland, having been around for over 21 years, an incredible lifespan in the hospitality industry.  The restaurant serves authentic Indian food, with executive chef Meena Anand working hard to produce some of the tastiest curries in the city. Oh Calcutta is a great place to go with a group due to the wide variety of disheson the menu. From chicken curries to lamb, and even goat, Oh Calcutta will suit both the adventurous and the pickiest of eaters. There is also a wide range of vegetarian options as well, so you can enjoy a meal out with those of your friends and family who do not eat meat. If you have a particularly large group, you can try their three-course ‘banquet’ menu, which takes you through the chef’s highlights on the menu.  Oh Calcutta is open from noon onwards on Tuesdays to Sundays, so make sure you give it a try next time you’re in the area. 

2. Gerome

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Located in the heart of Parnell’s main strip is a real slice of the Mediterranean. Gerome is a modern take on Greek cuisine and will transport your senses to a hot summer's day in Mykonos. Their menu is fresh, fun and inspiring, drawing on the best flavours that the Mediterranean has to offer. Think souvlaki, char-grilled meats, seafood and bright salads - their menu has it all. Gerome works hard to cater to all diets, offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and allowing just about anyone to take on their culinary adventure.  We love Gerome’s selection of sharing platters, which allows you to share a much more intimate meal with friends and family. Gerome has certainly earned its stripes as one of Parnell’s best restaurants. 

3. Blue Elephant Thai 

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If you ask an Aucklander what their favourite Thai restaurant in the city is, chances are they will point you in the direction of the award winning Blue Elephant Thai.  The menu highlights all the best aspects of Thai cuisine, from curries to seafood, to stir fry. There is something for everyone on this menu.. Dining at Blue Elephant Thai means you get to experience some of the stellar service that customers rave about. 

4. Parnell 149

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If you’re looking for upmarket European-style food, then look no further than Parnell 149. Bringing fine dining and elegance to Parnell, this is the perfect place for lunch, dinner and those special celebrations. The team at Parnell 149 work hard to source as many of their ingredients as locally as possible. You will spot some of New Zealand’s finest offerings on the menu, such as Hawke’s Bay lamb and Awhi Farms beef. There are several menu options on offer, with guests having the ability to choose the à la carte option, or the 5 course dégustation offering. There is also an entirely separate Vegan menu, allowing those with special dietary needs to enjoy dining here as well.  This is a must-try in Parnell, and if you get the chance to eat here, be prepared to be blown away. 

5. Gion


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Japanese cuisine has seen a boom in popularity over the last decade, and we are very lucky to have some world-class Japanese chefs here in New Zealand.  Chef Akira Kuge at Gion in Parnell is no exception. Trained in Kyoto, Japan, Kuge serves up some of the freshest and tastiest sushi and sashimi in Auckland. However, Gion’s menu doesn’t stop here, as it also features everything from tempura and yakimono to agemono as well. Dining at Gion is an experience in itself, as you will find yourself served by staff clad in traditional Kimono and will be struck by the way in which the interior emulates dining in Japan. 

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